August 04, 2008

A Drowned Man’s Reminiscence

Gradually began the submerging. So slowly,
Hands shook and struggled with

The hardened water.

Damn agitation with craving fear for life.


A date with death, unspecified.

My legs crouched. Chilled a little
Due to the freezing cold. Snowdrops fallen on the water surface.
White. And dark.


The limbs stopped for a silent enslavement

I fagged. Stopped motion.

Eyes protruded. Hands wavered, Heart chill cold.

Decreasing energy. Breathed. Breathed.

Exhausted. Choked

Starving Oxygen.

The water drank me, As I

Drank the water. Salty

Fainting fortunes, feverishly.

The silken thread connecting the

Conscious and unconscious broke.

A few eras elapsed....

Pavements on a path towards an unknown land

Where apparitions move forth.

Dirty smell of sinking ships.

Algae. Amphibians.

A conscious blackout.

Apparition again. Pavements clean.
Bluish tinted fog. Blurring images.

A palace ahead. A hooded figure of a man, I thought
Death comes for a row.
An encounter with death.

Inviting charm and a coarse voice of ancientness.

Total Blackout.
I drowned.


Sunith Somasekharan said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

nice one tomz...
my writing goes well... but i am in race against time these days...
i do visit ur blog...just read and go actually...

no time to comment on all posts...

Tomz said...

Thank you Cracks..Thank you Vinay..tI too am nt getting much time..dats a pity


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