July 31, 2008

A Boatman’s Love Song

Let’s row the boat as one, oh my love
To an unheard far-far land,
Where seasons keep the treasure trove
And birdies aggroup a music brand!

The river, the oar and me, the lover
Fit the fiddle strings that you play.
But your absence makes it, Oh Singer
A stricken grievous fiddle in May!

Am I in love, or in fancy? I wonder
You tell me the one that true!
Till that I will put myself in wander
Nettled by your thoughts and rue.

Take on my hand at once, oh my love!
Else it will make my heart to bleed.
Drop some glance at least somehow
And that will up my heartbeats to speed!


Sunith Somasekharan said...

Sure....,u r in love...
Nice one....

Tomz said...

Thnx Cracks..but i don think dat i am in love..d boatman is in love..:)

goooooood girl said...

Very good......

Tomz said...

Thnx bad girl..check back soon..


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