August 08, 2008

The Mystery Girl

(Dedicated to my friend known among
the bloggers as Cracks,
who gave the
sudden inspiration for this poem

narrating about a girl he used to see
on the way
to his office)

There is Mr. Cracks, a real life crack
Who helps me to break, the themelessness track

Now the theme is this, that of a pretty Miss

Who daily does not miss his inadvertent aerial kiss!

It’s the Thiruvananthapuram city, with morning’s gaiety.

You know its eminent deity, Sri Padmanabha almighty.

Where she stands daily, waiting for her college bus shyly

My friend gets her glance slyly, that she gives him daily.

You know this girl? She’s a belle, with lovely kiss curl

Like a golden whorl, gilds her rosy cheeks in roll.

Did you see she smiles? Ah, that’s like an angel smiles!
Wears churidar with frills, Does the black one for her inner wails?

Why does she cry, or pretend? For the young beaus to tempt?

Or is she really in lament? If so, what’s the cause of her plaint?

My friend Cracks, with tender heart, does not see her apart
Plans to a conversation start, and to break the rampart.

You know this guy Cracks? Man, you should know his pranks

With his existential remarks, his rivals, get some open attacks.

He likes social fillip and seldom breaks friendship,

Has no scholarship, though, he’s a man with some leadership.

Moving aside the city flock, my friend goes to talk,

“Tell me with no shock, with no playful mock,

Tell me hey babe you, with your shyness few

What dreadful thing makes you, to cry happiness in lieu?”

Blinking dreamy eyes, she tries to stop her sighs.

With a sigh she says, “Not any more, I can control this,

Hey you gentle jaan, I will tell you man,

What is in my lifespan puts my mind in san,

I will share you my sorrow, not now, only morrow
For there comes my bus in a row, see you soon you hero!”

Then she goes as planned, with her waving hand,

Looking back forth and like in a journey errand.

Several days had came, several belles came

Not our Cracks’ dame, came the spot that same.

None of Cracks’ team, thinks her as it does seem
Thus here ends the theme, like a genuine dream.


Sunith Somasekharan said... friend .... superb...
still i waiting for her dreamy sight...

Tomz said...

Thnks goes d real story

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Ah! Funny one. :)

Tomz said...

Thnx priyanka..check back soon

Meenakshi said...


Tomz said...

Ah..nice to hear from you..


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