April 07, 2008

The Princess’s Birthday Party

(Inspired from one of my dreams)

It was the Romantic Path

Again, this time too!

A heavenly Path,

With Cedar trees flourished

On both sides, and

Yellow leaves scattered

All through the tracks.

It was the City of Time,
The Kingdom of Dreams

And the heavenly Palace was ahead

To which I was moving.

I was a traveler to this city,

A visitor, uninvited and

A perfect stranger, who carried

The craziest thoughts of his age, and

The winged hopes with him.

Aimless, and helpless,

Foolhardy, and dreamy, with

Droopy eyes due to the weight of

The last night’s missed sleep, and

The unshaven face and shabby dress

With worn out apparels.

The strangeness was similar

To the city dwellers too!

They looked curious at the strange

Figure of mine, and

I too looked back with

The excited curiosity!

Soon, I knew, I too became
The part of the crowd, that moved
Towards the palace, ornamented

Highly with stones precious, and

Embedded with charming


That current of the crowd

Took me to a hall in the palace,

The Diwan-I-Am, as it was called,

Darkened, yet illuminated with

Mighty chandeliers hung aloft, and

Lofty cherubs silhouetted.

It was the day of the Princess

That she turns seventeen, the sweet.

It was the party time for the invited, the

Courtiers, and I am, the uninvited.

There filled a soft music on the air,

And coloured smoke raised with

Fresh fragrances of Rose and Jasmine,
As everybody sat on chairs somewhere

And tasting the delicious, while
I too sat somewhere on the back

Less crowded and light diminished.

Arrival of the Princess, it was

To the hall played along by

Mates, who gossiped and giggled

A lot with the thunder of claps

In the utter amazement at

The beauty of the gown that she wore,

Ornamented and embellished by pearls,

The charming smile that made the

Courtiers mad, and above all,

Her gaze, dignified and majestic, and

Her eyes, graceful that drooped

A little downwards.

Walking through the hall

Among her admirers and

Without looking any, the Princess

Approached my side giving me

Some startle and embarrassment.

Straightly, wavering not even a little

She sat opposite me, and

Raised her eyelids to look at me

With her pretty eyes of inviting charm
God, it was the moment that

The classics although the ages

Had praised a lot.

The charm of all lasted for a moment

As the images began to dissolve.

The palace, the hall and the charming courtiers,

The applause, the heavenly light, and music,

Everything began to vanish into thin air.

And still there I could see
Two bluish tinted eyes

Casting the dignified gaze

In front of my opening eyelids

Sharp and alarming and

Even prettier!!


Babi Bernardo said...

I love your blog!It's so beautiful=]

Miss you Tom!=]

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hey there!!
Lovely one again.
I very much like the flow of your poems...and the variety of their nature. They are never based similarly. Thers new-ness everywhere!
Nice work!

Sunith Somasekharan said...

very nice....

Tomz said...

Thans Raabe ..do come back fr upadtes


Thank u fr ur valuable commets


Thank you very much fr d support.

Unknown said...

hey tom....as usual...i luv d way u write :)n really like ur creations...nt jst one..all of them..:)

Unknown said...

Hello How R You... The new poem is touching heart...

Tomz said...




great read....keep on dreaming

Tomz said...

Thnx fr d comment Kritika dear..n Prabha ma'm

മഹേഷ്‌ കൊട്ടാരത്തില്‍ said...

Dear Tomz,
Nice poem as your other works. The theme is as old as the human history, but it's different when it comes throgh your brain...
keep posting new poems...

Anonymous said...

People should read this.

Tomz said...

Thank you Chavi..keep on checking...thnk you very much fr visiting me and commenting..


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