April 17, 2008

The Circle

I saw a dream in sleep last night,
And morning saw them realized!
Dream of hopes and enjoyment,
That shared the charm of solitude!

In the dawn I saw the sun that rise
And the mist drops glint in multitude!
The bird that hum by the Cuckoo’s nest
Told me the tale of nature’s bliss!

Total shine of the morning’s mirth
In step with the dream of yesterday!
And the hum of birdies’ fondness had
Shared the tone of the night in tune!

Noontime I left to the sands of sea
Where the sunrays bathe in twinkling wet!
I saw there the dimness that perchance
Due to the pass of morning’s grace!

The sands n’ Sea had striking solace
In the tune of night with dream n’ dark!
The glimmering petals of water drops
Wrapped up the depths of Ocean floor!

The evening time I spent in calm
With the numbness of the day in this end!
The moving figures that walk in front
Had not made anything in my mind!

The eve that waiting the dark in style
Wore the attire of gloom and shade!
The clinging cold of the nature be,
I suppose, made for the eve in special!

It’s the time of the sleep and dream
Has come as usual in the routine style!
The day and night have this much to say
To recur the steps of life’s circle!


Niranjana said...

really good poem ... with an old world charm... regards..

Tomz said...

Thnx Nayana..i take ur comment as a criticism too.. it has a touch of lold style..but I hope u will read d back
pages too..

surabhi said...

all poems are really very nice...consistin of an eternal message...really loved ur work... hope to more and more of it...

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hey there!!
U seem to be growing better with time, in powers!!:)
Now, i know, about your 'dream-interpretation' hobby!
Nice work. :)

Sunith Somasekharan said...


Tomz said...


Thnx fr interpretting my attempts in dat way


Ok..dream-interpretation hobby..yeah some f dem are taken from the dreams...anyway very much grateful fr trying to understand me..


i am trying to make it even better..anyways thnx a lot


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