May 12, 2008

My Lost Lover Girl

(Once again interpreting my own dream following the
Birthday Party of the Beautiful Princess')

For this time I will tell you a story
And not a story properly, may be a sophistry.
For my friends I’m telling this story, dreamy,
Who had unusual love affairs, in biography.

It was in a September, I too remember
And I was a tiny teenager, too common in any genre,
When I met this girl, the lost lover girl
Who was a pretty petite girl, and I fall in love with her.

Two or three months passed, and once we stood
On a sea-pier extended, clutching each other hand in hand,
On a cloudy afternoon, with my companion boon,
Beneath the faded sun that shone, watching surf those breaking soon.

Soon there a wild beast comes, on these foaming waves
A huge figure of Octopus (1), with greedy tentacles.
We both looked at this, this huge figure of Octopus,
And we both startled once, stared at it with fearful eyes.

The sky went black n’ dark, the clouds began to bark
Making thunders strike, and the east-wind’s crack.
Then my pretty petite girl, pushed me to the ocean whirl
Cause of panic n’ temptation, or I didn’t get her action.

I felt I was falling fast, to the hands of the beast,
I saw her frenzied eyes, while skidding among the tentacles.
With the Octopus I struggled, to rescue the life shuddered
And I looked at her eyes troubled, to see sympathy, distressed.

Struggling hard and hard, I made my life to guard
Somehow I escaped, and now reached where I stood
The first thing that I did, as you have understood
Or as you unexpected, was pushing her downward.

I was in such a rage, and I never thought of her age,
That she was underage, and she had lack of knowledge.
I saw her to fall downward, struggling with the waves hard,
And screaming being afraid, with my heart unusual hard.

Skidding between the tentacles, and trying to break the obstacles
She vanished into the bubbles, and I didn’t watch her resistance.
Keeping my head low, and leaving my love below,
I ran to the lands at low, to escape from the Law.

Dear readers, you please don’t be worry
‘Cause I said, I’m telling you a story
And you too know, it’s a story of a fairy
That I learned from a dream, dreary.

"But you know that’s how I lost my lover girl!
And that’s the story of my lost lover girl!"

(1). Octopus


Sunith Somasekharan said...

stylen...super rhyme...

Tomz said...

Thnx Cracks fr being d first to comment..

WritingsForLife said...

A very creative poem :-)

About my blog. I didnt get the template from somewhere, I designed it myself using the basic template :-)

Thanks for coming by :-)

Occasional Brilliance said...

very lovely poem. i cant imagine how you worked everything out what with the rhyme and stuff... lovely...

Tomz said...

Bubbles f Firewhisky..

Thaks fr comming n dropping ur valuable comment..yeah ofcourse it took a long time n pain to rhyme d lines wid similar words, and yet i mus confess dat some f d lines r not rhymed properly..

visit again

Tomz said...



do come back

മഹേഷ്‌ കൊട്ടാരത്തില്‍ said...

Nice Page design yaar...


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