July 15, 2008

Familiar Paths

When we were children,
We trod the hidden paths of
The countryside, together.

It is a long time back now,
But those still flourish in my memories

It was the time
When the echo of Koel’s shriek
Had made us to Jump,
When thinking of the amusing people
Of imagination,
We shuddered being enthused.

I forgot the hidden paths now,
Not listening the favorite Koel,
No more care for the imagined people,
I left my beloved nostalgia,
Back somewhere.
Don’t want to peep over the loneliness,
That occupies a solitary path
But, when walking through the paths,
Or riding the motorcycle
I feel everything as familiar to me
Familiar to my mind
Familiar to the extreme depths of my heart
I too become a part of them
The bush, the stone, everything
The plants, birds and flowers
The butterflies, everything
Familiar to me
I know them.

When reaches a spot,
I searched for something there,
I know it would be there,
And it was there,
A shrub, a stumpy one
Over the years, it survived the time
Survived the changes, Survival,
All are familiar to me


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