August 16, 2008

Goodbye Examination

Once again I have prepared
For an examination

By picking up some dust-ridden olden

Carriers of the knowledge

Those have been adorning my chaotic table

For many a long academic eras!

My preparations lasted for several years
With several not-so-long months,

Sleepless nights and

Chilly early mornings

Those provoked me some time

To curse the unending warfare
With the black-inked
Tiny pack of letters

Stamped on cheap white papers, and

Many a times it made some of

My fellow beings envious

And made some of them to appreciate

With heart felt admiration!

Shakespeare, the bard came

In my visions many times

In the late night,

Sometimes, Eliot and Dickens came

In the early morning with

Their portrait-like amusing smiles

That even made them alive in between

The quests for a theme from the

Random paths of life that they trod.

Certain Women writers of the West

Amazed me with their mastery over

The flowery fiction

Covered in their long term sufferings of

Diseases and isolation -

Like Austen and Bronte sisters.

Indians too were there

Who made me stun at the word power.

Tagore came first with

His Song offerings,

Later Toru, with her short-term life

And her homesick writings

Too had made even the owners of the language

Stuck at the thorns of amusement.

Arundhati and many more

Supplied me with wonder at

Their imagination power.

Many a days in the morning

I rode my bike through an endless way

Covering several kilometers

Touching city struggles as well as village virtues

To a center where I let drop

The burden of language

Wasted by those masters of
Literature. And I returned, throughSome familiar paths after
A three hours struggle with the

University paper and clutched pen

With aching sinews of palm.

Now it is all over,

The struggle with the forced yawns,

The read through the lines without a blink, and

The speedy revision just before

The last bell,

The tension on the hall ticket, and

The agony on the finishing moments, all!

And occupied now with an effort to

Gain the longing sleeps and lost dreams.


Sunith Somasekharan said...

it's wonderfull .... super ...

Tomz said...

Thnax being my most frequent reader

Kichu $ Chinnu | കിച്ചു $ ചിന്നു said...

good one , that examination hall's foto brought nostalgic memories

Tomz said...

Thnx Kichu Chinnu..I am happy that one more person finds nostalgia in their exam halls..thank u..

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Hey Tomz.
Again. Don't u think, u have this syndrome, or call it the sway to leave your readers confused? Or is it just with me!? :P

Nice read.:)

Tomz said...

Priyanka..ok..i am sorry. i is a lil bit confusing for those who dont know me properly..but people who know what i have been doing d past days or months it is easy to undestand..Thanks a come again..

Anonymous said...

i appreciate the points u made
There are so many simple things in life like the exams
which find lot of negative importance due to our bad experiences
resulting from them

because bad memories linger for longer time than the gud ones
but u made a gud thing here
by noting the travel experiences and the stress of preparations .
These are left out by most people..
poems are a way of looking at things in a different way
when the simple points are difficult to spot out....
am i right ?

Tomz said...

Dear Ap,
It is very nice from ur side to give a keen attention to the minor things that made in this poem..yeah of course, if i quote ur exact words.."poems are a way of looking at things in a different way
when the simple points are difficult to spot out" dats true..
Thanx fr giving me such a very valuable come back again


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