August 23, 2008

A Fine Medley of Poetry

Some sudden temptations are freaky,
Those occasionally make me to write
Like a genuine rush of hopping thoughts
Or like the actualization of dream wishes.
Sometimes I wrote, rhythmically, as a flow,
And at times like a knotted string of words.
But whenever longing for a gush of outpouring,
What I get is the mimicking of known lines.
Sometimes it creates, with unusual clarity
Certain unknown coinages from subconscious
Like a compilation of speckled oval pebbles
Piled up on a blissful shore of waving thoughts.
What thing makes you touched, whatever be
Process them on a pure sheet of white paper
With the genuine tint of heart’s feelings, and
What you get is called ‘a fine medley of poetry’!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
It is a good poem. Keep writing.

Tomz said...

Thank you Asha...well are u nt planning to come to d word of blogging?

Anonymous said...

It is very nice

Anonymous said...

Thnk you Jessey..check back soon

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

I already apologised for being away for very long.Here now.

I guess, we discussed this last time. It is always confusing; the meaning of poetry. You write what you think about. It rhymes to something, else or similar that others assume. Doesn't matter how well understood or how misunderstood it is, because you always have transmitted a thought across. It carries along, unfailingly, beauty beyond itself.

Good luck. :)
Keep going.

Tomz said...

Thax Priyanka..first of all my heart felt Thanks for ur comment after a long time silence from ur part..

well abt ur opinions..I believe dat was d best way of giving appreciations along with criticisms...i liked it..well.. d cas of rhyms..Priyanka ..u know..i am preparing dese rhymes with a limited vocabulary..I too think..I have to choose some other words in certain places..anyway thank you very much ..check back soon..thnx

Anonymous said...

Last time i checked out the droplets blog of yours because the title was really cute and catchy! But this one- little lyrics seems to be a better one for a reader like me :)

This particular poem- do reflect a certain amount of thoughts and activities i go through when sit to write too.

Good going...keep at it.

Tomz said...

Thank you Swapna..


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