May 28, 2008


(Answering the question, ‘Why my posts are delayed?’)

Days have gone and weeks too gone

About a month is near!

The lyrics fairies have not come yet

To make my thoughts pour out!

It makes you wondered, makes me too

But you hear my arguments!

There are a few more things exist

That cause lyrical dryness!

Here contradicts my previous claim

I know, as you too know!

But I repeat, it is the lyrical dryness

Caused by the themelessness!

Themes and thoughts are under decay

Due to the hasty days!

But some commitments make me to write

And now I chose themelessness!

People may suggest, ‘you choose heart,

Love, romance or dreams!’

But one pens on what strikes him, and

Hence it is the themelessness!

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