March 15, 2008

Rhyming the Time

(Previously credited under the title 'Some Dejected Thoughts')

As every night draws in
For a new morning,
As every dream blooms
To form a reality,

As the Spring falls down

For a new season, and

As pretty foreheads

Begin to put up with wrinkles,

Says the Life,

‘The Time passes...’

Actually, the time passes through

Every fragment of life,

Every thought, and through

Every enjoyment…

In the expectation for the next moment,

And in the sweet memories of the past!!

The time does not give

Any loss or any dream.

Life is just a fantasy!

Dreams are bloomed in expectations!

The time is enjoyed in the

Richness of Life!!

It is usually the smiling faces

That make time under the

Clouds of forgetfulness.

One will think

It is the truth

And it is the whole!!

And there is no ‘next moment’ (Some only)

But everything will go by
Making the spectators all fools!!

Then the consciousness whispers,

The past was better!!

But the truth is far away from these


The past was never so good, but

It was for the good!!

One’s dream is not for the other!

One’s best companion is his own dreams!!

His hopes and wishes!!

The fascinating wishes has its appeal
Till its fulfillments only.

After the fulfillment,

The wishes will get thrown

To the past,

And will become a loss.


Sunith Somasekharan said...

philosophi ano uddessam........kollam

Unknown said...

Da, Featured pics is not clear... Use some better...

Unknown said...

Arrival of the Princess...? Photo of the Pricess is not much impressing... use some better pic.

Tomz said...


I checked n didnt find a better suggest a picture


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