March 11, 2008

Ah! Poetry

The heavy dark clouds droop above
Stand for the sadness,

And hefty...

The ocean of ideas

In its violent tumult!!

And on the shore...

Stands the darkened tall tower

Erected by the thoughts.

A blend of colours,

The shade of black and white,

A total diffusion of darkness,

And the tumultuous uproar of violent waves.

I came this shore before a long time.

Might be immemorial,

Could have picked up some
Pearls and oysters,
From the depths unlit.

That time my collection had

Some black pebbles too...

For the second time,

What if I cross the ocean once again?

To try my luck,

To see the curiosities ahead,

In the midst of waves.

What if my new wealth this time

Constitute some stones precious...

No! The ocean,

The mighty home of dreams...

I won’t let myself ever go
From your grasp on my wishes,

And on my thoughts!!!


Sunith Somasekharan said...


Unknown said...

Hi Mr.Tom How R U?
You have a nice sense of design, you maintain your blog very well...

Tomz said...

Thnks spy..but havent u seen my new post yet?

Unknown said...

Yes Tom, you are intelligent and a good poet... what are you doing? - A journalist/ lecturer or something like that? (good language)

Tomz said...

Thnx Spy,

so u don know me..i thot u know me..come to d light n reveal ur own identity so that we can have an open talk fr some time..

Unknown said...

"I am Tom..Preferably Tomz..Not a poet, not a lyricist, not a writer, nothing..." - Huble and simple words... Nice to read... but I doubt... are all these poems are yours own or from your collection?, I am very sorry yaar, I cannot come to light... you can trace me in orkut, search for "Rakesh Nair"

Tomz said...

I searched..but there are a lot of Rakesh Nairs


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