February 04, 2008

Opening my morning windows

A silent valley afar,
The remote nature around,
And the dreams too there,
Fading and occurring frequently!

Somewhere a nightingale
Sings at a distance,
And the wintry intense wind too!

A new morning comes to life
As the darkness go beyond!

The sky seems to come blue,
And there I am
With the beloved solitude!

While waiting for the next dream
Ah! I have made waken up!!
Green grass-tips wear
The wet gloom of mist!

The trees of the valley
Puts on greenish black!
So the birth of a new morning!!

When the birds peep from the nests
Hearing the wet voice of a smooth brook
Flowing ceaselessly somewhere!
And there is the loneliness
Posing in its full height!!

And I have to begin again
My journey,
My duties,
And all..!!

The perpetual agonies too..!!


Unknown said...

tom dis is jst wonderful....n i really loved it:):)

Babi Bernardo said...

love you tommmmm=]

Tomz said...

Thank you very much for your valuable comments Kritika n Raabe :):)=]=]

Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Loved the read. Nice picture. It really added to the beauty. :)

Tomz said...

Thanks Priyanka..continue checking my blog..more to come...


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