January 28, 2008

In search of the self

now what shall i write?
about the dreams or the hopes perished?
the dream wishes never stop hoping in the depths of mind.
thoughts, concepts or imaginations..
by whatever name you may call it..
but now i wish to pen on it..
they're like a mirage which tempts me to follow....,
to follow through dark hollows and denseness of mind, staring,
and finally drags me to nothingness
caused by the realization of unattainable..

they are ideas...

like a bratty thing which has forgotten the lessons of obedience,
deviates from my pen tip which i hold when motivated to write
by being provoked by some sudden
and irrepressible alarm of thoughts


alphabets are useless in the absence of ideas..

i wish they to shower my hopes and dreams blended
like a rainfall never stopping
i wish they to disperse my crumbled dreams
like a rainbow of colours of joy
and i wish them to make poems
of imagination
with the queue of weeping terms

if so..
i could be gratified by seeing the empire of ideas
if they built the palace of hopes too..


Priyanka Tadipatri said...

Oye! I dunno how i missed out on this post!Believe me, i check your blog almost everyday, for updates!

And about the post, truthfully, i dint understand half of it, for some reasons! But nevertheless, i liked the flow, and presentation. Nice work.

Keep going!
And come up with faster updates baap!


Tomz said...

Thanks Priyanka...though u din understand half of it...all d parts are simple as water to me..

Unknown said...

well...tom as usual..this ones gr8 too....i lik d way u hav put D MIXTURE OF UR THOUGHTS AND UR FEEELINGS in this poem...n yeah it is as simple as water..i agree....keep on writing yar...um waitng fr more....

Babi Bernardo said...

this is the most beautiful blog i've ever seen =)

Tomz said...

Thanks Raabe fr ur comment...well y cant u too start a google blog??


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