May 14, 2013

Four Days of Love

Day 1

You came.
You stood there in front of my dreary eyes one dreamy morning.
You touched and stirred up the fading echoes of love,
From the chaotic corners and cobwebbed windows of my heart.

Joy covered me!
Life will not be the same!
It will be beautiful!

Day 2

Every night I go to bed with my brain full of your thoughts. 
Every morning, I wake up from sleep,
With your images in my heart. 
When I close my eyes, I see your smiling face, 
I hear your voice in my ears, 
I feel your fragrance in my nostrils,
I can sense your touch everywhere around me, 
And when I open my eyes, you simply vanish away, 
Just your fragrantful memories remain. 
Oh girl, you are making me so desperate!

Day 3 

Let me write once again,
One last time!
About my unrequited love, 
The love that is neglected, 
The love that is rejected,
And the love that is soullessly trodden by a pair of high heeled shoes.

Do you know the pain that a delicate heart suffers, 
When you mockingly deny my selfless love for you?
You know how it hurts?
Oh, it hurts a lot!
It kills!

How could you be so cruel?
Just like every normal girl, you throw smiles at me,
You shower unfathomable affection upon my dry, loveless life!
And when you know that I am trapped, 
You simply walk away, 
Even without a smile, a glance, but just with a belittling nod!

You are a flower, a treasure.
You are beautiful! 
Your beauty is unparalleled!
You look like the marvel of marble,
So pure,
So ravishing!

Have mercy to understand, 
Not me!
But my heart!
An injured heart, that longs for you, since very long!

Day 4

People ask me, where is my girl!
I said them, I don’t remember, 
For, my memories about her are dead!
Those memories had undergone a very painful death!
After long long sufferings of suffocation!
Now, those thoughts are buried in a deserted corridor of my heart.
I can see there every morning, the tomb where her memories rest.
Everyday I make routine visits, peep at my heart,
And return with a painful sigh, having a glimpse of the decayed tomb of her memories!

Tomz :)


Bharat Kumar R said...

nice blog,


sm said...

4days of love
nice poem

baili said...

beautiful poem with passion of love and depth of emotions ,want to thank you for your visit and kind words on my blog god bless you tomz

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