July 13, 2012

Free Birds

We have wings; we have the spirit to move,
And are trussed with no firm commitments!
So we fly, like nothing there to prove
To that bliss blemished by no sentiments!

The days break out, that we see in our flight,
When the glorious Sun comes out in ambush!
We behold the seasons, in their destined shift
Into a transient time, like in a golden gush!

We care not of the seasons change, for sure,
Nor of the tragic plights of fallen petals!
We care much of the way we endure,
Till the time comes when everything settles!

Thus, singing the song of freedom, that everyone wants,
Wings-spread, we fly beyond the far-far ocean lands!


sm said...

nice poem

Unknown said...

"Till the time comes when everything settles!" - I feel this line puts everything in perspective. Nice..

AS said...

Hi Tom

That's a very nice poem..I enjoyed reading it :)

lovely pic!


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