September 03, 2010

Retrieved Pieces of My Lost Poetry

I stood up, in the dark
In my half-slept awkward bed,
Letting the string of broken dreams
Enjoy a free sub-conscious wander!

The clock struck 2’
Alarming my weak beating soul!
The wail of a night bird resonated
Lamenting at its sleepless curse!

I recollected a lost time,
When I put on a poet’s charming robe!
Sometimes the words came in a flow
Sometimes with its usual blockades!

I thought, was it a dream?
Had I made such so called attempts?
Or was it just the smartness
Exhibited by a words’ apprentice?

In the dark, a support I searched for
With my wavering quivering hands!
My thumping heart too had become
Anxious at the loss of reality!

As the first rays of light
Touched the earth in golden mist!
I started yet another day
With the regained consciousness!


Sh@s said...

Beautiful lines :)

Sister Sheena said...

Hello... thanks for following my blog... by the way I have my sisters here also are from Kerala India...
Have a good day...

Sr. Sheena

sm said...

beautiful poem

Unknown said...

well done..u wrote em?

sm said...

beautiful poem

sm said...

happy diwali

baili said...

you have quite power on words to shape your feelings ,
amazing painting of poetry ,
god bless

AS said...


this is really nice :)


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