May 31, 2008

Eternal Melancholy

If I were a skylark

That flies with wings spreaded

Humming the eternal melodies, and

Carrying the poets’ fantasies,

I would have flown farther,

If I were a skylark.

If I were a soft breeze

Touching the mountain blues,

With the inherent chill,

Waking the veins by a gentle touch,

Bearing the dreams of wideness, and

Clinching the solitude,I would have blown

If I were a soft breeze!

To become a tune

That no one sung before!

To become a dream

That no one could imagine!
What If I were a mystery?

Or seclusion?

Abstractness or Nothingness?

To become the breath of the dead

To stay in the jungle of solitude,


To be a colour!

And a star!

To sparkle in the silence of the night

With the wildness of terror!…….…..
A human I am,

A creature..

The power to dream,

And to imagine

Stays with me!

Waiting here,

In this non-existence,

To take rebirths,

To become all these,

Till end up in a wild unity

With the eternity!


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