March 18, 2009

My New Poem

Would it pave a new path for me?
Would it be funny, or agonized?
Would it rhyme all the way till end?
Would it be a harvest of my dreams?

I was in grief after finishing the elegy tower,
And was dreamy after the princess’s birthday.
The exam poem made my mind nostalgic,
And the mystery island made it horror-struck.

The lover girl made me so proud, like a master,
As it rhymed from head to toe, though with mistakes.
The rhyming mystery girl made me to boast around,
As it mentioned my friend’s love adventures.

When would the next appear, as in a true flow?
Not with the pretensions, as I am doing now.
Would it be something fallacious, or romantic?
Let it come soon, waiting to see its triumph.


Tomz said...

Isn't it good?

Anonymous said...


it is good! :)
took me a awhile to get here! but glad i made it! :D

not easy to combine ur earlier titles into a poem, but it was nicely done!

Tomz said...

Thank you Vinay..

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Enigmatic and mysterious poem!

Tomz said...

Thank you Sucharita..


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